Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Book of David

by Anonymous

This book may be "anonymous," but I seriously doubt it was written by a teenager, let alone the teen whose story it is supposed to be. "David" writes suspicously well for someone who needed tutoring in English class. Anyway, in the tradition of Go Ask Alice, here we have "true" teen diary of someone going through troubles. In this case, a high school quarterback struggles to come to terms with being gay. The book jacket info doesn't say what his "secret" is, but you'd have to be pretty dull not to assume that he's gonna be gay. Lack of surprise notwithstanding, I'd say this book is not terrible, short and quick, occasionally mildly titillating, pretty entertaining. The ending is a little rushed, though, with some very bad reactions from his parents and a quick jump toward a promising future with the support of other, nicer adults.


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