Wednesday, March 23, 2016

In the Fat

by Sally K Lehman

My first e-book!

Started reading this for work purposes and enjoyed it enough to finish. The story is emotionally intense (multiple trigger warnings, if you're into that) but has moments of dark humor and a hopeful conclusion for the main character, despite an eleventh-hour bonus misfortune. The protagonist is a young girl, 13 going on 14, who is in a mental institution, and at first I thought it would kind of be Girl, Interrupted all over again. But the character's voice feels fresh and authentic, making it easy to empathize and want to find out what happens (and what happened to get her there). The author effectively shows how a person can be simultaneously stronger and more mature than her years, and also innocent and in need of nurturing. I would recommend this for teens and adults, mostly female.

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