Thursday, April 07, 2016

The Andy Cohen Diaries: a deep look at a shallow year

by Andy Cohen

I don't understand the Real Housewives of [Whatever] phenomenon that he's responsible for creating, but I love me some Andy Cohen. He's hunky but not intimidatingly hot, cuz he's also a little bit adorkable, and he's not just funny, he's hilarious. Doesn't hurt that he's probably pretty well off... He seems like a lot of fun.

I found this book very entertaining, dishy without being mean, honest and open-hearted. It records a year of his life in diary form (duh), and it's (I don't want to say surprisingly) well-written. Not sure if he had a ghost writer, or how much editing happened, but I'm not really surprised that he's a decent writer. He's generally creative and smarter than one might assume based on his television persona.

When someone asks for a fun, "mindless" read, this book would be an excellent recommendation. I hate to call it fluff, and I put quotes around that other word because I believe it is thoughtfully written, even if it won't make you think very hard while reading it. A very good book for traveling.

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