Thursday, April 07, 2016

Everybody Knows What Time It Is: But Nobody Can Stop the Clock

by Reginald Martin

1. Show, don't tell.
2. All-caps/bold/underline WTF?
3. Learn difference between apostrophe and open single quotation mark.

Above are my notes from immediately after reading this book. I think I may not have finished it because I disliked it so much. I found the writing so weird that the actual content is inscrutable.

According to one summary/review I found, the book is "written in one of the most unique prose styles to appear in recent years" — "unique" is sometimes a kind word when one has nothing nice or coherent to say.

This other summary from the library catalog effectively conveys the book's unintelligibility: "This book is not just a record of the past. It is a continuous acting agent in the lives of man, an agent or an aspect that will continue to have its way with man if man refuses to recognize and embrace history as a constant instead of as a dead artifact."

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