Tuesday, May 26, 2009

American Virgin 2, Going Down

by Steven T. Seagle

I checked this out on advice of a co-worker who said, hey, this looks interesting. It's a comic book, which I like, and it appeared to be about an attractive young guy exploring the steamy/seamy (under)world of gay sex, also good. But I should have paid more attention to the title. Turns out the guy's a christian virgin who reluctantly pretends to be gay in order to get information about the person who murdered his fiancée. I'm not really sure who would like this. The plot's well-constructed enough, but there's a lesbian sister and ex-pornstar stepdad, sexual situations and a pretty much evil mother, so I don't really see it appealing to actual christian virgin types, while the protagonist is too smugly and/or earnestly christian to be appealing to anyone else.

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