Sunday, December 17, 2006

Letter to a Christian Nation

by Sam Harris

This is the author's follow-up to, and response to critics of, The End of Faith. (See my earlier post for that highly-recommended book.) As such, it'll make a lot more sense if you read the first one first; otherwise, the author's arguments may seem flimsier or less clear than they really are.
New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has recently written about a phenomenon he calls "irreligious intolerance." He thinks (vocal) atheists are being — gasp! — mean to believers by disrespecting their beliefs. Which begs the question(s): Should we tolerate other irrational beliefs? Would it be considered mean, or is it ultimately an act of kindness and respect to tell an adult that Santa Claus is not real? Are we underestimating the intelligence and/or sanity of the faithful by shielding them, through "tolerance," from a rational critique of their irrational behavior?


Anonymous said...

You may be interested in a new book that has just been published in response to Sam Harris. It is entitled "Letter to a Christian Nation: Counter Point" by RC Metcalf. It is available through Amazon and B&N or through the author's website at Please let others know about this important work!

Christopher Cuttone said...

Your focus on selling the book makes your entire comment suspect. I don't think you really read my post. In fact, you're not commenting on my post at all. In future, please limit yourself to comments about my blog.

Christopher Cuttone said...

Oh, and by the way, the book is TITLED. If it were ENtitled, that would mean the book deserves or is allowed something: eg., the accused is entitled to a fair trial.